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I write about dating, black women, beauty, advice and food.

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Naming the future of freelance

The independent workforce is evolving fast, so this platform to manage freelancers is following its workers’ lead

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How to Maintain Long-Distance Friendships

Don't let distance keep you away from your friends. Use these tips to stay close, across miles.

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Success Magazine

The 3 Successful People You Need to Have in Your Corner ...

They can help you realize your career potential and get you there faster.

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Success Magazine

Listen: There Is No Shame in a Day Job | SUCCESS

Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, and that’s OK.

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Wife says ‘no’ to dining south

I can’t tell you how to make your wife more comfortable with oral, but what I can tell you is that you’re not alone. You belong to a healthy-sized group of people who profess to have a desire to lick their partner down when what they really want is their ego stroked. It will be easier for you and healthier for your marriage if you replace “Champ Cunnilinguist” with a different attribute to be proud of.


Abusive boyfriend... help!

First, I want to thank you so much for writing, because your question is going to help so many people who don’t know how to help their friends who are dealing with an abusive relationship. To give you the best answer, I spoke with Marta Miranda-Straub, president and chief empowerment officer at the Center for Women and Families.


Gemini friendship trouble

Let me start by letting my readers know that this question has been trimmed down due to space constraints, but this is the general gist. Also, this is one of those cases where I know the letter writer and the awesome partner too! I don’t know the Gemini-bestie, but that’s probably because I’ve met all the Geminis I need to meet in my life. Well, I take that back, I’d totally meet Beyoncé’s new twins.


Is She After My Heart or Wallet?

I agree. I don’t think that, in general, there’s anything wrong with helping your partner through a rough patch with a little financial assistance. But I think there’s a whole lot wrong with taking advantage of your partner in any way, whether that be physically, emotionally or financially.

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Stop Bringing Up Grandkids!

So, at some point between you sending me this email and me responding to it, I had a Facebook friend post “When are you giving me grandkids?” Isn’t funny, and it puts undue pressure on relationships. Among the outpouring of compassion and co-signs was a baby crazy meemaw-in-waiting who was straight up like: Nope I’m Still Gonna Bring It Up All The Time And Be Pushy About Wanting Grandkids Because I’m Old And I Do What I Wantz. And I Want Them Like Yesterday By Any Means Necessary. OK, well maybe not exactly that, but that was basically what was said. My friend patiently tried to reason with her, but she was not having it. Gave my pal the social media equivalent of “Toodles!”and bounced.

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Former Co-Workers’ Drama

Ugh. What an uncomfortable situation to be in. I know one of the best parts of running into old coworkers is hearing about who’s still there, who isn’t, if your old boss still does that thing that drives everyone crazy and other hot office gossip. So, I don’t think you participated in anything out of the ordinary. You were also directed by Carson not to let it get back to Tammy that he blabbed her business — again, not out of the ordinary.

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The Voice-Tribune

Live Music Returns to RYE’s Back Porch

Summertime means the return of RYE on Market’s free Back Porch Sessions. RYE, a restaurant located on Market Street in NuLu, is all about using seasonal produce from local farms and has been hosting the city on their back porch since June 2012. But this year they’re trying something new.

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The Voice-Tribune

Pizza by the Park - The Voice-Tribune

The Parlour is serving up pizza hot and fresh in Jeffersonville, Indiana, brought to you by the same group behind Portage House. The pizzeria sits at the foot of the Big Four Bridge in the historic Duffy-Hancock House.

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The Voice-Tribune

The Butcher Babe - The Voice-Tribune

Chef Loreal Gavin aka “The Butcher Babe” was the May speaker at Connecting Things, a small monthly gathering for creatives. She was kind enough to bring along some of her delicious pastries and several copies of her new cookbook, “The Butcher Babe Cookbook: Comfort Food Hacked by a Classically Trained Chef.” Her book is available on Amazon and at other major retailers.

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The Voice-Tribune

Storytelling That Sets You Free - The Voice-Tribune

The last Thursday of every month, Chris Vititoe and Mandee McKelvey turn Decca’s cellar into a “cave for secrets.” The pair co-hosts a storytelling series that originated in Chicago, “We Still Like You.” “WSLY” bills itself as an opportunity to tell stories from your past that “make you feel weird” to a room full of “friendly strangers” – Trust me, it’s a lot of fun and a great way to see some of Louisville’s funniest comedians out of their element.

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The Voice-Tribune

Beyond the Pen Fashion Line

If you ask Keith Nash what he’s most proud of in life, he’d probably tell you his 5-year-old daughter; she starts kindergarten this fall. Close second? The street wear fashion line he launched with his close friend James Ray. Beyond the Pen, established in 2012, is also turning 5 this year. The two dropped their winter collection, “Olive Branch,” in January.