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Woman of Many Words.

I write about dating, black women, beauty, advice and food.

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Brooklyn Magazine

“Getting Worse/Better”: Samantha Irby On Her New Book

“Getting Worse/Better”: Samantha Irby On Her New Bo...

The Voice-Tribune

Celebrate Louisville’s Greatest Hometown Hero

eanie B. Kahnke, senior director of public relations and external affairs for the Muhammad Ali Center, says that she believes “people were surprised by how loved [Ali] was,” which is why the city of Louisville is coming together like never before this summer for a six-week “I Am Ali” festival.

SanDiego CityBeat

Eating watermelon in public is white privilege

According to the algorithm of racism, Black folks are not afforded whimsy when it comes to watermelon. We can’t even eat watermelon in public in white-dominated spaces. Don’t believe me? Google “Obama eating watermelon.” Legit every photo that comes up is some sloppily slapped together, Photoshopped meme. In more than a decade of public life, there hasn’t been a single photo of Obama enjoying one of summer’s top fruits. Yet, there are at least a dozen manufactured photos because racists are all like, “BLACK PEOPLE EATING WATERMELON HAHAHAHA.”

The Voice-Tribune

“tick, tick…BOOM!” Exploding onto Louisville’s Theatre Scene

A few weeks ago, I paid a visit to Acting Against Cancer’s new black box theatre at ArtSpace during a rehearsal for their upcoming production of rock musical “tick, tick…BOOM!” by Jonathan Larson. It is the only other musical by Larson, whose preeminent work is a little show you may have heard of: “RENT.”

The Voice-Tribune

Best Patios for Brunch This Spring

Hello, spring! Spring time in Louisville is here and gone before you know it. To fully enjoy these blissful few weeks of warm weather without the oppressive humidity – grab your sunnies and get to brunch on one of the best patios in the city.


Ask Minda Honey: Should I say bye to my bi-girl?

Q: So, about a week ago, I started dating this girl I’ve been liking for a while. She likes me back, and we are happily dating, but she’s been hiding it from her family. I understand the fear of coming out — I and many of my friends have gone through it. And I understand her reluctance to tell her family, as she’s in a religious one … However, I really like her and want to be open about my relationship. Another friend of mine said to put it on pause until she comes out, but I’m afraid of how long that’ll be.

— Come Out, Girlfriend


Black Remigration in the South

As a writer, I feel like I have both the responsibility and the right to help reroute the narrative of the South. To become a new voice of the South alongside writers like Jesmyn Ward, Kiese Laymon, and Brittney Cooper. To use our words to reshape the landscape. I claim the South. I claim Kentucky. I call Louisville my own from the wide, flowing Ohio River to the top of the magnolia trees and deep down to the stalagmites in Mammoth Cave. This is my home.


Woman of Color in Wide Open Spaces

I’d just completed two years as a POC in an MFA program. Two years in classrooms at long tables surrounded by faces as white as the paper we printed our work on. I felt like the black text on that paper, forcefully marching across the landscape of my peers’ white lives.


Ask Minda Honey: More Than Drinks at the Bar

I was at Big Bar enjoying a brief burst of springtime weather recently with one of my faves, Big Bar’s manager, Drew Gillum. He introduced me to his bartender, who we will call A who immediately laid a question on me:

How do I convince my boyfriend that I’m not trying to cheat while I bartend?


Three LEO writers recap the 143rd Kentucky Derby

Before leaving the Derby City for a city by the sea, I’d only been to the Derby once, while I was an undergrad in college, and that was to work it. I was an elevator girl on the old Millionaire’s Row.

SanDiego CityBeat

Rachel Dolezal, Luvvie and the boundaries of Blackness

Luvvie isn’t in charge of the deck of Black cards, okay? And in a moment when we have to deal with white women like Rachel Dolezal zipping themselves up in Black identities like footie-jammies, it’s really reckless to call another Black woman’s Blackness into question particularly for a white audience. Don’t be that Black friend.

The Voice-Tribune

‘Sex Tips’ Will Entertain and Inspire

oming to Louisville’s Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts May 12 and 13 is “Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man!” Over the phone, playwright and producer Matt Murphy gave me all the details on Off Broadway’s longest-running comedy.


When design is knowledge

Information is power, and lack of access to it can keep people and communities vulnerable. Breaking these barriers is where communications designer Jessica Bellamy, founder of the Louisville, Kentucky-based Grassroots Information Design Studio (GRIDS), has found her calling.

The Voice-Tribune

Man o’ War Exhibit Gallops into the Kentucky Derby Museum

“Man o’ War: The Legacy” opened Saturday, April 8, and is an opportunity for longtime fans and newcomers alike to experience “the life of Man o’ War, his impressive racing career, his ties to the Kentucky Derby and his lasting mark on Thoroughbred racing.”

The Voice-Tribune

Matson and Gilman are your ambassadors to the Kentucky Experience

Kaitlyn Soligan and Nicole Stipp are Matson & Gilman. When naming their Bourbon Trail concierge service, they drew inspiration from the 2013 Fred Minnick book “Whiskey Women: The Untold Story of How Women Saved Bourbon, Scotch, and Irish Whiskey.” Paying tribute to two high-spirited women who made history rebelling in the name of whiskey, Esther Matson and Livinia Gilman, is only appropriate for a duo that aims to share in defining the future of America’s native spirit by making visitors rethink everything they thought they knew about Kentucky – one trip at a time.