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I write about dating, black women, beauty, advice and food.

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SanDiego CityBeat

Eating watermelon in public is white privilege

According to the algorithm of racism, Black folks are not afforded whimsy when it comes to watermelon. We can’t even eat watermelon in public in white-dominated spaces. Don’t believe me? Google “Obama eating watermelon.” Legit every photo that comes up is some sloppily slapped together, Photoshopped meme. In more than a decade of public life, there hasn’t been a single photo of Obama enjoying one of summer’s top fruits. Yet, there are at least a dozen manufactured photos because racists are all like, “BLACK PEOPLE EATING WATERMELON HAHAHAHA.”

SanDiego CityBeat

Rachel Dolezal, Luvvie and the boundaries of Blackness

Luvvie isn’t in charge of the deck of Black cards, okay? And in a moment when we have to deal with white women like Rachel Dolezal zipping themselves up in Black identities like footie-jammies, it’s really reckless to call another Black woman’s Blackness into question particularly for a white audience. Don’t be that Black friend.

SanDiego CityBeat

Black Women At Work Would Rather You Didn’t

Last week, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly had the nerve to fix his mouth to say that he couldn’t hear a word Rep. Maxine Waters was saying because he was distracted by her wig.

SanDiego CityBeat

To the women who show up every day

However, I do want to take a moment to think about the women who want to strike, but can’t. Whether it’s because they got mouths to feed, lives to save, their health won’t allow it, or a reason all their own. Because while those women might not be at an International Women’s Day event, they show up in other ways on regular-ass Wednesdays, not to mention every other day of the week. They show up when the system doesn’t, when families don’t and when friends turn their backs. They are there.

SanDiego CityBeat

Queen Bey taught me

The first time a Beyoncé song saved me, I was 24 and had broken up with my high school sweetheart. Two weeks later, we were technically back together. Like most things, it was Kanye's fault. That week he had just released 808s & Heartbreaks, and every time I turned on the radio he was Auto-Tune crooning at me, "How could you be so heartless?"

SanDiego CityBeat

Casey Affleck, Nate Parker, and The Case Of The Missing White Feminists

So, while most of these Affleck/Parker pieces are focusing on the Hollywood double-standard around race—which is definitely a thing and definitely a factor—I’m also asking: Where are the white feminists?

SanDiego CityBeat

God give me the confidence of a mediocre white man

Let us bow our heads and pray, "God give me the confidence of a mediocre white man."

SanDiego CityBeat

Did you ever think your country could break your heart?

Did you ever think your country could break your he...

SanDiego CityBeat

The false promise of being a ‘Good Black Woman’

But why had I bought into the promise of being a Good Black Woman for so long? Why had so many of my friends bought into it? How many nights had we sat around a table with wine clucking about why couldn't we find a man when we were all Good Black Women? Was that false promise really that much easier to believe than the seldom heard truth that black women don't have to be "good" to be loved?

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SanDiego CityBeat

Summertime struggle of being shaped like Nicki Minaj

I love that my ass is big enough to body double for Nicki, but being shaped like Nicki Minaj in a city full of Taylor Swifts has its challenges. Recently, I was at a coffee shop pretending to work on my memoir, when a thin blonde walked in wearing a...

SanDiego CityBeat

Southern California Without You

Once you become the black woman that finally won the fight for a seat at the table, it's really hard to give up that seat, even if you don't have an appetite for what's being served.

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SanDiego CityBeat

Beyond glitter and good times

DG took me to my first gay bar. I'd known him since our freshman year of college. One afternoon, he'd walked across the quad wearing white sunglasses and I had hollered at him, "Where did you get those and why aren't we friends yet?"...

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SanDiego CityBeat

Equal Pay Day: #NotAllWomen

As a woman, the wage gap is the injustice that tastes most bitter to me—although not being able to walk around freely after dark and listening to men speak to me like I'm a toddler are a close second and third....

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SanDiego CityBeat

Unloading the baggage of black women’s hair

It was 2014, and my hairdresser’s scissors flitted about my head like steel fairy wings. Other hairdressers passed her, commenting how “brave” I was—I was having five inches of hair snipped off....